"Big Fat Cock" Referringto a Huge Penis usually 9-11 inches long and 6-8 inches around.
That must be a Thomas cause he has a BFC!
by Professor Penis III February 03, 2010
BFC, or big fucking can, is a 32oz. (1L) can of soda, normally an energy drink.
Monster Energy and Monster Energy Low-Carb both come in BFC size.
by TwelfthDoc December 14, 2011
BFC- Bitter Fat chick is the girl in the group of girlfriends that is never hit-on, generally she is a hefty to large girl. Because she does not get hit-on she tends to cock block all of her friends and every guy at that bar. Thus, Bitter Fat Chick
I could have seriously used a wing-man with major beer goggles last night, because this girl was awesome and as we left, the BFC cock blocked us both.
by chazbenay March 13, 2011
Best Friend Code - When someone tells you to not tell anyone your always allowed to tell one person, your best friend, without getting in trouble.
Bonnie: "Don't tell anyone my secret, I like Kevin."
Carlos: "Oh, I won't."

15 minutes later...

Falls Under the BFC:

Carlos: "Bonnie told me she liked Kevin."
Jack (Carlos' best friend): "Oh my."
by ChelKelB.roads July 14, 2009

Big Fat Cunt

...when the "C" word just ain't enough!

She's "at it" again! She's a real freakin' bitch!

No. She's a BFC!
by Gregoryagogo April 27, 2009
The largest can of any consumer drink you will ever find.
Thank you monster.
Jerry: Dude that guy just chugged a BFC and had a heart attack!

SAWyer: I believe it, their huge.
by [Garebear] February 17, 2009
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