Abbreviation for the words Blast From the Ass. BFA is the act of having an absolutely terrible diarrhea attack that exploads from your buttocks as you sit down to the toilet seat. A polite code name to use instead of saying, "Oh, no! I have to take a shit!" You can use the term so others in your group/significant others know there is an emergency without notifying strangers.
You're in a club surrounded by hot people who you don't want to know that you need to take a massive shit. "Oh, man! BFA on board!"
#abbreviations #feces #poop #diarrhea #toilet
by Jesse Gonzalez February 01, 2008
Top Definition
Butt Fucking Awesome.

When something is so awesome, it's not just awesome, it's Butt-Fucking-Awesome.
Friend: "What's BFA?"
You: "Butt-fucking-awesome"
Friend: "Ouch, that doesn't sound awesome..."
#awesome #great #ouch #adjective #fucking
by WhatTheCurtains August 12, 2010

(an acronym for "blank firing attachment")

a) a magazine round filled with blank cartridges

b) a coolidiculous synonym for a condom used by the male members of the Canadian military.
soldier a): James, I'll see you after Christmas break

soldier b) all right, but your propensity to fool around with any broad that comes your way, should tell you to bring your BFA along.

soldier a) I will forget my BFA on purpose then, just to annoy you, lol
#blank #attachment #firing #condom #canadian #militrary
by sexydimma June 04, 2014
Butt Fuck Alley. A place you are at when everything is going wrong, usually at work.
Just another day at BFA
#toolcrib #shithole #hell hole #office #schenectady
by snookysdad October 27, 2011
It is an abbreviation "big fat asses." A group of girls consisted of Samantha, Nicole, and Dianne. However, Nicole has the biggest one of all, and Dianne has a deflated pancake as a behind. They are very odd and laugh about the man in your eyes. Also known as bfuts extended.
"Why are you losers always together?"
Nicole: S MY D!
Samantha: Let's go bowling!
#i #found #you #i'm #naked
by Dianne Ng January 02, 2008
Better Fucking Attitude
Bitch! You Need A BFA
#bitch #fucking #blood on the dance floor #botdf #fuck
by Twixybitch July 19, 2011
"Blank Firing Adapter" an ugly orange painted device that is fixed to end of your M-16 restricting the gas flow from the blanks out the barrel so that your weapon will cycle as per live rounds. Without the gas blowback created by a real bullet travelling through the barrel, the weapon will not function. So when firing blanks, you must use these to make the weapon cycle properly. If you do not restrict the gas flow with this you will have to fire one blank at a time and manually eject the casing!.
Make sure your b.f.a. is secured properly over the flash suppressor, that could be why your weapon is not cycling in this training exercise!
#bfa #m16 #blanks #training aid #dummy rounds
by CISO May 05, 2007
Bona Fide Asshole
Worst kind of lying, scheming, self righteous scumbag of a human being; complete hypocrite; person with abominably low morals, but a belief of complete self-importance and selfishness. Bill Cosby.

Gary: Dude, did you see that guy get clipped by a plow truck?!! ...Should we go help him?
Sal: Nah, that's Jay. Leave him, he's a real BFA.
Gary: you're right, let's go get wasted!
Sal: Word.
#asshole #scumbag #douche #douchebag #cunt #fuckhead #bill cosby #mitt romney
by Capt. Spastik December 12, 2014
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