Better than sex.
I'd rather play BF1942 than have sex. Both at the same time, however...
by Ba-tuhl-fee-uhld-1942 July 29, 2003
Top Definition
WWII game, one of the best.
by Cracker August 27, 2003
Short for the game Battlefield 1942. Available to play online with other "1337 g4m3rz" as a multiplayer like mohaa and cs.
"u want 2 play bf1942 4 a bit?"
"yeh ok"
by brendan September 05, 2004
The best World War 2 game out there. Also has a mod called Desert Combat, which is the best Gulf War game out there.
I was killed 4 T34's in my Tiger tank in BF 1942, w00t!
by Elite December 02, 2003
its a game which owns you
I own you in bf1942!
by B@D~Shin Akuma July 27, 2004
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