An insult for people who were born with big ears, despite the fact that it's not their fault they have big ears.
Lora is a BEF, she has ears like Dumbo.
by Alexi August 31, 2003
BEF stands for big eared freak
Don at land rover frisco is a fucking BEF. "Hey Don you fucking BEF quit picking your fucking nose".
by fuck face July 27, 2003
Best Email Friends. The person you email, most frequently, and are closest to through email. This persons emails are the most anticipated by you and also inspires you to compose your best emails.May or may not be your BFF or person closest to you in other forms of communication.
I'm up to 13 EPD (email per day) with Megan, she's my BEF.
by JPere July 21, 2008
To enjoy the act of having a broom shoved in your orifices.
Delzou enjoyed befing with the broom.
by Raly October 19, 2008
best friend; particularly two girlfriends that spend every second with eachother
She's my bef and i love her!
by GracielovesChris May 23, 2007

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