BDS or Bent Dick Syndrome is a condition found in most chronic masturbator's and professional gamers
Wow look how fast that guy can push the trigger on his controller he must suffer from BDS
by CorpseyTheCorpse February 26, 2009
Big Dick Swag is used to describe the feeling of having a large penis and knowing you rightfully do so. Enjoying the extra confidence that comes with having said penis.
"Yo dat nigga got #BDS."
by Grubface July 02, 2013
Burning Ddong-go-mong Sensation. Ddong-go-mong is a korean word meaning "butt-hole". it is used to classify the feeling you get on your butt-hole. there are several moments where this could happen. the most common experiences comes from the aftermath of taking a fat shit that felt like it's ripping you apart; or when you recieve a bazooka blasted ddong-jjeem(the force of combined index fingers shot up someone's ass).
Andrew had a mega BDS after recieving a powerful ddong-jjeem from Doh.
by Grunteeee August 31, 2006
Bush Derangement Syndrome; A common affliction whereby people question the actions of President Bush or a Policy initiative launched by the Bush Administration.
"Aren't you concerned that the current Budget proposal put forth by President Bush has a high deficit?"

"Shut up Libtard, you're just suffering from BDS!"
by Brother Maynard September 24, 2007
Abbreviation for "Beaten Dog Syndrome".

A syndrome in which one is treated like a beaten dog by their significant other.
Brittney: "Mitch!!! You didn't wash my car, do my laundry, buy me dinner or get me those $300 jeans that I wanted!!!"

Mitch: "I'm sorry I was waiting for you to get off of work for four hours while I hung out at your store and watched you. I'll go do all of that right now because I have BDS."
by Bitchney May 25, 2008
big dog status is when every knows & respects you
you must not know im on bds
by muney April 19, 2008
a little bitch that thinks they can take on someone bigger than them
Sean S. was diagnosed with BDS after he got raped trying to beat up a football player.
by DCAG May 16, 2004

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