baby dick syndrome
it's from the movie scary movie, the jock has BDS and a picture is shown, it's of a fully grown man with a baby sized dick
by barkeep77 July 09, 2010
Burning Ddong-go-mong Sensation. Ddong-go-mong is a korean word meaning "butt-hole". it is used to classify the feeling you get on your butt-hole. there are several moments where this could happen. the most common experiences comes from the aftermath of taking a fat shit that felt like it's ripping you apart; or when you recieve a bazooka blasted ddong-jjeem(the force of combined index fingers shot up someone's ass).
Andrew had a mega BDS after recieving a powerful ddong-jjeem from Doh.
by Grunteeee August 31, 2006
Bush Derangement Syndrome; A common affliction whereby people question the actions of President Bush or a Policy initiative launched by the Bush Administration.
"Aren't you concerned that the current Budget proposal put forth by President Bush has a high deficit?"

"Shut up Libtard, you're just suffering from BDS!"
by Brother Maynard September 24, 2007
Abbreviation for "Beaten Dog Syndrome".

A syndrome in which one is treated like a beaten dog by their significant other.
Brittney: "Mitch!!! You didn't wash my car, do my laundry, buy me dinner or get me those $300 jeans that I wanted!!!"

Mitch: "I'm sorry I was waiting for you to get off of work for four hours while I hung out at your store and watched you. I'll go do all of that right now because I have BDS."
by Bitchney May 25, 2008
big dog status is when every knows & respects you
you must not know im on bds
by muney April 19, 2008
a little bitch that thinks they can take on someone bigger than them
Sean S. was diagnosed with BDS after he got raped trying to beat up a football player.
by DCAG May 16, 2004
BDS or bud, death and sex
I've got 3 loves in life bud death and sex -Twiztid
by The silent J July 21, 2005

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