Like when I'm playin basketball and bust a three in your face and yell BDS. You know what it is
Watch out BDS!
by bigdswangin October 12, 2009
Big Dick Syndrom

When a girl has an obsession with a guy or with guys with
a big dick.
Girl: It's just the sex it's so good. He's dick is so big
Guy: you've got BDS!
by mmgg123 February 20, 2013
BDS or Bounce Dryer Sh*t refers to the marijuana substance that has been tainted with Bounce Dryer Sheets. It usually reeks of newly-washed-clothes as it has been soaked with bounce fluid.
Yo, I hit some of that BDS stuff you told me about... f*ck, that sh*t is nasty.

Yo that Bounce Dryer Shit got me f*****cked...

My mom thought my room smelled good from the BDS.
by Blobodeath November 07, 2011
Stands for Big Dick Swag; its the swag ugly and attractive boys alike give off when they KNOW they have a big ass dick.
it makes ugly boys attractive and attractive boys sexy.
Girl one: OMG Cory is so hot!

Girl two: thats because he has BDS!
by mlxc62 May 29, 2011
Bitch dependancy syndrome
"Man i haven't spoken to her in like two hours, don't know if everything's alright" A guy who uses words similar to those in the sentence before that can almost certainly be diagnosed with BDS, which stands for Bitch Dependancy Syndrome, there is no cure for this except to "Man the fuck up!!!'. It is only acceptable if the woman in question is absolutely off the charts and better can not be achieved.
by Tanaka Reginald September 24, 2010
baby dick syndrome
it's from the movie scary movie, the jock has BDS and a picture is shown, it's of a fully grown man with a baby sized dick
by barkeep77 July 09, 2010
BDS or Bent Dick Syndrome is a condition found in most chronic masturbator's and professional gamers
Wow look how fast that guy can push the trigger on his controller he must suffer from BDS
by CorpseyTheCorpse February 26, 2009
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