Girl code for "big dumb retard". Defines your boyfriends and husbands...
Ugh, my boyfriend is such a BDR.

by TheEX April 19, 2009
Top Definition
Bad Dick Report. When a guy's sexual performance is ridiculed by a female, usually in groups with other females.
"Girl, he lasted 2 minutes last night. He definitely gets a BDR, and won't be tappin this again."
by mizz p June 02, 2006
Black Dick Rider. A female with a strong preference for having sexual intercourse with African-American men.
Yo did you check out that white girl at the Black Students Association party last night? Such a BDR.
by tyeler November 03, 2007
Butt Darts Racing is a Racing team, based in the Northwest. We have all kinds of sponsors, like Coors Light, Monster, Honda, and 7eleven. We always show up reppin our tshirts and showing our love for the sport. We no longer race at fairs and conventions in the stock series, but for 2012 were going to dominte the ncaa world series and bring home the real moneys. check us out of facebook. Peace and Blessings fans.
"hey look!"
"are you kidding, those are those guys from BDR, they are always looking fly representing the sport."
by BDR 4 LIFE November 19, 2011
Black Dick Rider. A female (not african american) that likes to have sex with black men.
1.Did you know Kelly was a BDR?
2.There were a whole lot of BDR's at the club lastnight.
3.I wonder is she a BDR?
by cjatk February 17, 2010
Black Dick Rider. A female, usually not of African-American descent, that has a strong affinity for having sexual intercourse with well-endowed, African-American men.
Yo that girl at the BSA party last night must be such a BDR.
She must be so loose--what a BDR.
by tyerone November 12, 2007
Acronym for Boy's Dark Republic, the fearsome musical duo from the midwest.
-Did you catch the latest BDR show?

-Yeah. It was scary.

- And good, too.
by Cameron Bohannon November 25, 2003
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