BDC = Battledome Chat on Neopets.

BDC is full of idiots who think they are cool because they have more virtual cash than you, when in reality, that have no life, they just spend all of their time trying to act big online.

BDCers hate being called BDCers, and the BDC is called "BD chat" according to these mindless idiots, because they dont know that the C in BDC stands for chat.

BDCers pretend to hate avatars, and everything about the AC (avatar chat), but if you dont have the SuAP or MSPP avatar on the BDC, you dont count, and you mind as well leave until you acquire said avatars.

BDC is also filled with girls who pride themselves on their "GDing" (golddigging) abilities, and generally tend to be complete loser idiots who probably cant land a guy in real life.

BDCers are the epitome of retardation.
ACer: Hey can someone help me beat the snowbeast in the BD?


BDCer 2: GB2AC YOU n00b@!!

ACer: /facepalm
by fb2.6k < - LOL loser. March 07, 2010
Dog's (or Donkey's)

Used as a euphemistic TLA
This new MSN7 really sucks BDC
by Dom April 16, 2005
Big Dick Cancer, this is when you get diagnosed with a rare disease that only Special people get. It is uncureble.
HEY look its Jason, he has BDC i feel so sorry for him!
OMG Big Dick Cancer Holy shit!
by drizzle02 June 29, 2011
Put simply, a club for Bull dykes.
TErms and Conditions of Club include and is not limited to:

+Must drive a utility or performance vehicle.
+Must enjoy camping and the outdoors.
+Cannot turn up to a BBQ with cocktail umbrellas or strawberry infused vodka drinks.
+Must like bitches with guns and shit.

Bulldyke 1:"hey bitch are you in the BDC"?
Bulldyke 2:" F ya I am"! "hey check out my new tracks".
Bulldyke 1: "Rad hair dudette,lets cruise over to BDC HQ"...
by LogisticsofBDC March 06, 2011
The Black Diamond Coalition. This is an organization that is filled with the sexxiest of miami dimes that dress scrumdiliumptious. We are people of different cultures that made sure that sexy never left. and we tear the mutha up. and we never leave the house lookin A "HOT MESS" and we realize that the mirror has a purpose and we use it well. Our activities include: lunch dancing, attack of the broken leg, Niggah Wed. and just being plain G. And we not afraid to tell you that you look a hot mess. The leaders are: Jazz and Sabine Prezs. Krista $$ Treasurer, Chevel the secretary. and the members Aminata, Brittany, Elizabeth, and many more memberships to come.
The BDC is a bunch of raw ass chicks that will dance like you have never seen before. BDC FOR LIFE bitches.

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