bull dyke, a ferocious pit bull dog of a woman wholl beat your ass and stab u in neck with a wine glass.
"dude look at that bd"
by Dr. Marc Pierson April 16, 2005
BD - Abbreviation for the country name "Bangladesh"
Score :

Eng : 300/10 50 overs
BD : 301/7 , 49 overs
by severus snape August 11, 2006
sucks cock
dat girls a bd
by krystal June 07, 2003
Tobacco wrapped in a chocolate leaf.
I went the the trap to buy some BD's.
by whatthamothafucknbusiness April 24, 2006
BD is the most perfect, wonderful, best writer, and most beautiful person in the world. She's better than you. BD is also the funniest person. You're jealous of her, we all know.
I saw BD the other day. She was surrounded by this orb of...perfectness.
by roflmfao October 15, 2005
The Beat Down
use when someone is dissed embarssed made a fool of
or in a sexual context
guy1: Wow im amazing

guy2: U'know what, your the load your mum should of swallowed


example 2:
girl walks past...

guy1: dammm....

guy2: i would give that the BD
by IMP4CT July 10, 2008
Abriviation for bondage and disipline
Sarah told me she went to Mark's house and he made sure she had lots of BD.
by Kat May 13, 2004

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