Black Cock Slave.

A women who would leave her husband and kids behind for a chance at some BLACK DICK.
Kid- "Hey dad, where's mommy? It's Thanksgiving."
Dad- "Unfortunately, she's not here son." "She's out getting herself some other type of meat."
Dad- thinking...(Damn these BCS's!)
by Thetranslatorguy May 23, 2008
Football term for Bowl Championship Series AKA Bloody Crooked Stoneheads & Bunch (of) Crooked Simpletons.
The BCS really screwed USC & Utah's football teams this past season!
by bigg3469 March 19, 2009
abbreviation for butt crack smell. This condition may be worsened by refusal to wipe one's buttocks.
Dude, that kid smells like a b.c.s. I think he forgot to wipe.
by tb123 March 10, 2009
BCS or Bowl Championship Series. A formula created by the NCAA to say who goes to the National Championship, which rotates between the Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta Bowl. Also determines who gets the money in national college football.
In 2004 the BCS selected USC and Oklahoma to play for the National Championship in the Orange Bowl.
by Ash February 17, 2005
1. The system by which the postseason of college football is determined, often with unsatisfactory results

2. Black culture syndrome - A phenomenon observed in white females, in which the victim shows an affinity for rap or r & b music, or in more severe cases, the use of drugs, theft, assault, or in some cases, dating black males. If the afflicted are not treated, they may become a hoodrat.
1. I hate the bcs, it is ruining college football!

2. I hate bcs, it is ruining white girls!
by Buttluncher February 02, 2010
Code name for Boner in Class Syndrome. It helps hide the real humility with this three letter acronym. Particularly bad when called up to the board, bell rings, fire drill, sudden movement behind you and/or anything else forcing you to get up from your seat.
(William directly focuses on Helen's ass and lime green colored thong while in the middle of a class discussion on Emily Dickinson)

Mrs. Dickonface: William it appears as though your pork sword is trying to escape its denim cage!

William: Fuck off!

Mrs. Dickonface: Take yourself and your BCS and move to the front!

(William hurries to readjust his dick in his waistband while the class stares at the tip that just barely sticks out of the top of his jeans)
by ChadSonZor October 20, 2009
Big Cheesy Smile. Used when texting friends in place of an emoticon.
John text: "Hey Jane! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Jane text: "BCS! Thanks so much and right back atcha!"
by seangill December 26, 2008

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