Remember BBT and your life will be much easier.
Girl: "I thought you was gonna paint this porch today, Leroy. And why ain't you never took me to no nice restaurant?"
Leroy: "Chill out woman. BBT, shit."
by BBT Forever March 15, 2005
Bitches Be Trippin'
Yooo, why is your bitch all up in your face about some shit? BBT man.
by mjjj897 March 26, 2011
Bitches Be Tripping. Something every female does, they'll try and deny it but they know they do it. Every bitch trips, it's in their genes.
Moaning, whining, complaining, arguing over stupid shit, backstabbing, crying etc, etc.

"That girl is crying about some trivial matter"=BBT
by somelikeitraw January 17, 2011
"Bring Booze To Share" an alternative to BYOB that is more communal and allows many different drinks to be tasted in one night.
Megan's Going-Away Party Tonight! BBTS!!
by sklfkr September 07, 2011
Basic Bitch Things
What are you getting at forever 21 Vanessa? Oh just some BBTs
by steezy sneeze March 19, 2016
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