Base Ball Toy. A girl who messes around with baseball guys.
"Hannah has messed around with 5 baseball guys, therefore she is a bbt."
by mddddw April 28, 2009
Big Black Titties
Fella 1: "Whoa shit she's got some BBT's"
Fella 2: "Fuck yeah I'd motorboat that"
by not me not you April 06, 2009
noun-(short for beaner bag tossdown) the art of making bags of various household concoctions and dumping them on cars.
Lambo: Dude give me the peanut butter so i can put in in my bag.
Erik: Here you go man, Hey, pass me the sage.
Ermac: Ohh.....
Erik: Dude, you just shat in that bag!
Lambo: Ermac, thats just nasty. Thats not what BBT is.
by beanerbagtossdown March 07, 2009
"Bring Booze To Share" an alternative to BYOB that is more communal and allows many different drinks to be tasted in one night.
Megan's Going-Away Party Tonight! BBTS!!
by sklfkr September 07, 2011

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