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Big Black Titties
Fella 1: "Whoa shit she's got some BBT's"
Fella 2: "Fuck yeah I'd motorboat that"
by not me not you April 06, 2009
if a guy has an obnoxiously huge butt

ashley-wow that guys but is quite large
isablla- ya he's got a bbt type of butt
by ashgab July 10, 2008
Brick (of cocaine) and a Bus Ticket
"I give a chick a bbt,
A brick and a bus ticket and she meet me,
New town ....
by G4Life April 10, 2007
Acronym for Baked Bean Tooth/Teeth. Baked beans in tomato sauce have a yellow/brown appearance - this expression BBT can be used to describe the yellow or dirty looking teeth of someone with bad dental hygiene habits.
Jaysus! Look at the BBT over there, he looks like he has a banana in his mouth!
I look like a BBT after many years of bad dental hygiene habits.
by Yogrog August 29, 2006
Big Beautiful Teen
Man that is an awsome BBT.
by Dave October 30, 2003
B***ie Big Tits. a girl who acts like shes hott shit but really, shes not. and obviously she has big tits, and very chubby. she usually looks extremely ugly and alot of people pretend to be her friend as joke. She is usually the joke of the school and is really really annoying. she tries to be a whore, but it doesnt work out for her... because no guy wants to go near a creature like that. so she just dresses like one, and everyday someone sees her in her shirts they throw up a little bit. everyone usually hates her and she has no friends. you may also refer to her as bbt- bitches be triflin.
Look at BBT walkin in the hallway, shes so disgusting.
by chathamite00 May 20, 2010
black bra theory. theorization that a female who intentionally exposes part of her black bra in public places i.e. bars, is quite sexually liberal
"Damn dude, check out that blonde. The BBT is in full effect there"
by tommytitty May 15, 2009