Big Beautiful Teen
Man that is an awsome BBT.
by Dave October 30, 2003
blue ballin' tease is what bbt stands for.
We all know what blue balls is and we all know what a tease is, connect the two and you got a girl with one insulting or complimenting nickname --whatever way they look at it
What the hell Betty, you really are one bbt

Yeah you bbt, you worthless piece of trash.

Ahh get that bbt over here, I wanna see if I can destroy that name.
by Zachary Krannert December 03, 2006
An acronym for Butts Buns and Thighs.
We are going to tone our BBT's.

Ye Ye BBT!!! (Indigenous Version)
by MEATYMIKE June 12, 2012
Bitches Be Texting
"DROID" Phone rings..."Who's that"? Smiiling, friend replies, BBT!"
by escorer August 20, 2011
Basic Brown Type.
Used in an area with apple orchards and cherry orchards and heavy migrant population.Essentially refers to any brown skinned individual.Apparently very regional.
"Dude it's OK.It's just a couple of BBT's from the migrant camp and they're cool".
by mutatedspecies May 02, 2010
noun-(short for beaner bag tossdown) the art of making bags of various household concoctions and dumping them on cars.
Lambo: Dude give me the peanut butter so i can put in in my bag.
Erik: Here you go man, Hey, pass me the sage.
Ermac: Ohh.....
Erik: Dude, you just shat in that bag!
Lambo: Ermac, thats just nasty. Thats not what BBT is.
by beanerbagtossdown March 07, 2009
if a guy has an obnoxiously huge butt

ashley-wow that guys but is quite large
isablla- ya he's got a bbt type of butt
by ashgab July 10, 2008

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