Bath and Body Works Rapist. The infamous moniker given to T Gay Carrol. Hated by all people, the bbr selects an unlucky girl to be his companion to the mall and then tries to seduce her with talks about his car and running over baby deer. He is extremely dishonest and will sell anybody out to get ahead. Beware
The bbr tried to act nowmal, but being T Gay, he couldn't resist the temptation for boasting and Douchebaggery
by Carl Stromberg February 04, 2006
Stands for Bus Boys Revenge. The feeling of a ichy, aggitated asshole after taking a shit and sweating alot from vigurus activity. This word is commonly know amoung the Villa Roma workers who usually get hammered everynight and go to work hung over like fuck and smell like booze infront of guests.
Josh..."yo lance i got the BBR like a mother and i need to go home and shower."
Lance..."yea dude we were hammered last night and i kind of puked in this dudes pancakes"
by punkak2 April 09, 2007
Originates from BRB. Means "Be back, retard".
-Hey I just farted.
by NotARapist April 24, 2005

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