Bath and Body Works Rapist. The infamous moniker given to T Gay Carrol. Hated by all people, the bbr selects an unlucky girl to be his companion to the mall and then tries to seduce her with talks about his car and running over baby deer. He is extremely dishonest and will sell anybody out to get ahead. Beware
The bbr tried to act nowmal, but being T Gay, he couldn't resist the temptation for boasting and Douchebaggery
by Carl Stromberg February 04, 2006
Top Definition
only the elite exclusive 5 girl group know to drive boys crazy with their acronym. they run long island with their crazi partying styles and killer good looks. they live with the motto "all day every day" and has recently added "all night every night"

they go by the names; bringing back reallove, banging boys regularly, and brain behavioral research however no one but the five original girls know the true meaning and it will forever be held in secrecy
who are you? we BBR!!!!

BBR: Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!
by NMJLT November 04, 2009
Look at my BBR
by ZACHARIAH CARTER May 21, 2016
Broken beyond repair
Customer- Hey man, I need your help. (puts his broken computer on the technician's workdesk)

Computer Technician- What seems to be the problem with your system today?

Customer- My system wont turn on.

Computer- Technician- (looks carefully at the broken laptop and finds out that all of the circuit boards are fried) Uh oh.

Customer- What's the problem with my computer?

Computer Technician- I hate to break it to you but, your system is a B.B.R.

Customer- What does that mean?

Computer Technician- It means Broken Beyond Repair.

Customer- Ah, shit.
by allmar January 28, 2014
BBR (BendBondRoll) is where a barrel roll manoeuvre is executed down a urban road by a massive drip. Not advised by the faint hearted.
Rolling car on urban road is a BBR.
by Clutchly mc clutch July 27, 2014
A mutation of BRB and DDR meaning Bathroom Bathroom Revolution. Used to tell people you need to go to the bathroom and be awesome.
You: BBR, Need to pee.
Friend: TMI, dude
by Branchlaw September 12, 2010
Brown Bag Required. When someone is so ugly that to have sex with them they would need to wear a brown bag over their face.
She is so ugly! BBR is all I have to say!
by jpsf April 28, 2005
stands for Bald Beyond Repair
After trying Rogaine and some other shit Bill found out that he was BBR
by Johnny Tats July 10, 2008
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