Big Black Man
Usually talking about a sexy, classy black man.
Look at that BBM over there. They sure don't make them like they used to.
by lemony765 April 05, 2011
Black berry messenger (noun)
To black berry message (verb) can be used "to bbm"
An instant messaging application on blackberries where you can see if the message has been delivered, when it was delivered and if the person has read it.
Alissa: Hey I bbmed you yesterday and you never answered!
Me: Oh, I never got your bbms.
Alissa: Yes you did! Dont lie, I saw on our conversation that you received them.
Me: crap, I wish i didnt open that damn bbm

Ex: She doesn't ever answer my phone calls, she only responds through bbm's.
by Amandababy85 December 26, 2007
abbreviation for Big Black Meat

often mistakenly swapped with 'BlackBerry Messenger', which causes confusion, especially on social networks like twitter.
an example of such confusion is shown in the example below.
random girl: I can't wait to get on #BBM tonight! (referring to BlackBerry Messenger)
Darelle (owner of actual BBM): WELL HOP ON IT GIRL
by DarelleDDD December 08, 2012
contrary to popular belief, BBM does not stand for 'BlackBerry Messenger'; it bears a slightly more disturbing meaning. BBM is actually short for 'Big Black Meat', or so some Twitter users seem to think (one example being @BigBlackMeatMan). The abbrevaition is almost always used with the name Darelle, for reasons unknown.

One thing is for sure, and it's that this word causes great confusion in the Twitterverse.
random Twitter user: I just got #BBM, add me! My PIN is 'XYZ123'

random Twitter user: I love #BBM! It's so nice for getting in touch with friends
by Arnold Higgins November 16, 2013
BBM is an abbreviation for Big Black Meat, or less commonly, Big Black Meatstick. It origins are unknown, some say it is related to the rapper Rick Ross.
Darelle - You like that BBM?
Johnny - What's BBM?
(Darelle proceeds to show his 17 inch BBM he had previously been withholding)
by Darelle September 06, 2012
Benjamin Banneker Middle School is probably the worst fucking school ever. Its filled with faggots, ghetto people, but pretty much just a shit load of black people. White people Asian people an Indian people are the minorities. All the white girls are ugly and pretty much all black girls have huge asses and if your a black girl with a small ass, ur not cool.
Wow lets not go to BBMS cuz im Asian
by itsamuds April 14, 2009
benjamin banneker middle school, probably the worst school in montgomery county. if you went there you would like it,but if not,you probably think that all the kids are stupid, ghetto, and hyper
Hey have you heard of BBMS?

Yeah, the most ghetto middle school in Montgomery county.
by luvmeplz July 17, 2008

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