big black dick...something fags constantly get raped by and girls love!
Hey...stop being a fag and get off the BBD!
by fagbuster February 14, 2008
Barrel Blocking Device

A term commonly used in the sport of paintball but which can apply to any firearm. A BBD (barrel blocking device) is an item which blocks or covers the barrel of a paintball marker to prevent the accidental discharge of a paintball.

There are two main forms or BBD, A barrel sock (AKA barrel condom)or a barrel plug.
a barrel plug was his BBD of choice
by White Fire September 06, 2007
Best Bitches Dominate
We're the head bitches, BBD.
by heathaaaa September 05, 2008
Big Bowl of Dick

Synonomis with Hole in the head
I can use another crappy gift from my relatives about as much as a Big Bowl of Dick.
by mofo August 05, 2004
Baby Daddy
Girl my bbd is trippin again.
by S1 February 27, 2003

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