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Blob Boredom Disease.

A term used in the online game AstroEmpires reflecting the boredom associated with a recent strategy of collecting all fleets into a huge multi-billion fleet mass in a single location to keep them safe form attack - and doing nothing with them for weeks or months.
"If I don't make an attack soon I may die of BBD!"
by Dawen Wolfmeister June 24, 2009
20 35
Acronym for "Bigger, Better, Deal" that arrived from the actions of Nick Kutin. To be a BBD, one must effectively and never endingly search for a Bigger, Better, Deal in any situation that presents itself.
"Nick why are you blazing up a pinner joint when we all have fat chongers...you're such a BBD."
by Matthew McLeod October 05, 2006
38 53
Boney Butt Disorder

When your butt is so boney that if you sit on it too long in a specific way, you actually give yourself bruises, and it becomes painful to sit down.
"Owwch! I think I have BBD, everytime I sit down my butt hurts soo much!"
by Monkeyy Eat Food February 28, 2009
15 31
Gang from Nashville, TN. Small, but one of the areas most known. Renown for being very selective. Followers must face a panel of the four leaders , who, according to urban legend, are the most dangerous people in mid-south. Publicaly proclaim and are generally accepted to be a higher class of individuals, often have some of the smartest, best-looking, most athletic and bad-ass people thugs around. They tend to be liked by most and even stay in pretty good with the city. Several events have been linked to them but memebers have a tendancy of being amazingly slick. Legend has it they have never lost a challenge of any kind.
BBD Slogan:
"Ballas by Day,
Ballas by Night,
Pimpin' ain't easy,
Cause we do it right"
by R Lo April 11, 2007
55 73
Acronym for when your bus driver can be a real annoying bitch and just doesn't let you and everyone on the bus be themselves; thus being called the Bitch Bus Driver or BBD.
Oh look...time to go take a ride with the BBD.
by Pheindish July 20, 2011
1 21
big black dick...something fags constantly get raped by and girls love!
Hey...stop being a fag and get off the BBD!
by fagbuster February 14, 2008
52 73
Harmonixing soulsters "Bell, Biv, Devoe"
the song "that girl is poison" is by BBD
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006
25 46