When a guy or a girl goes for the 'bigger, better, deal' within the context of a relationship.
She dumped him for the BBD.
by P. Jannetta December 11, 2003
Bitches Be Damned
Dude 1: dude karen just broke up with me

Dude 2: Wtat the fuck? well fuck it she's a whore anyways, BBD
by psuedonymBBD July 19, 2011
BBD is an acronym for "Big Black Dick"
Many gals know that BBD is the best dick.
by AsiaWhirl September 16, 2004
Big Black Dick Syndrome

Falling in love with big black dick
Guy1: I hope you get BBDS!
Girl1 : Is that supposed to be an insult?
Guy2: I don't know how he means it but it sounds like a compliment to me.
by the Z man July 16, 2012
Big Beef Dinner

The word BBD is often used by over-weight people in the Western areas of the United Kingdom.
"Just had a BBD in the Toby Carvery."
by Burger-Barry May 03, 2010
"Bring back drone" is the catchphrase of a mysterious underground movement attempting to reinstate mephedrone consumption. The ultimate goal of these individuals is to see an increase in usage to match the peak of the 2009/10 season when the drug had saturated the market, particularly during the christmas season.
BBD mate.
by aleiterf January 10, 2011
Short form used for calling out a song choice, either on the radio or at a concert, for Gord Downie, a Canadian rockstar (both solo artist and part of the band, the Tragically Hip).

Main use is in texting one another. Or for code name use in the work place.
"The next song BBD"
The next song better be Downie
by wibbles01 January 10, 2011
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