BBB meaning Big Beautiful Boobies
This can also be used as a term ==> triple B

Used in a sentence: Her BBB's are so bountiful, her chest is a triple B treat.

Women can use the acronym BBB as a description of their chest size. Usually a C cup and Larger.
Example 1- Im 5'2, brunette, and have BBB's.
Example 2 - Im 5'2, brunette and my titties are a triple B threat.

Come suck on my BBB's while I jack you off.
by solaris123 June 12, 2010
An akranym for the term, "Beautiful Brown Boy". Females seeking any type of generally tan males, can refer to that male as a BBB. a "BBB" can range any where from a sunkissed tan white guy, to an italian man, to a half black man, to a full blown african american man. this akranym was invented by Nikki & Emma.
look at that BBB! dang!!
by NikkiBaby January 09, 2010
Brass bra babe

Stereotypical depiction of females in early science-fiction pulp magazines.
The BEM (Bug Eyed Monster) is after that BBB.
by sidjaggi December 13, 2005
Big Black Beef. A well hung black mans penis. A special penis shaped chocolate confection given on valentines day, or matt welchs bass.
I belive that nig is equiped with a bbb. Matt has great skill playing his bbb. Thanks my dear for the bbb.
by doommarine April 06, 2005
A BBB can be known as Big Brown Balls or Big Black Balls.
Renne has BBB so does Eric.
by Pequenio Johnson April 26, 2005
The three main things that you look for in a woman...

1. Boobs
2. Butt
3. Brains

Each woman must have at least two of three to be considered hott. If three is reached you have just met the perfect woman.
"If she only had one more of the BBBs I would date that girl."

"Shes a BBB! Look at that girl!"
by Lazzzzzzer January 17, 2009
Ball busting bitch...
Her past relationships probably made her into the "ego-knockdowner" BBB that she is today.
by Halitosis23 January 30, 2008
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