booze before boyz ......and never boyz before booze
Marisa: What are we doing tonight?
Jess: Ask Mal
Mal: We're doing BBB!
by whhaduufuck August 08, 2010
Brothers Before Bitches
- Hey man, that's my girl!
- Dude? She's mine!
- Fuck it, brothers before bitches (BBB)
by Triple-P October 14, 2008
Big Butt Buddy.
Fat Ass Friend
Hey BBB, I heard you are going to the GYM.
I think that awesome, so you lose some weight.
by EL_Ninja_Enfermo September 16, 2008
Bowls Before Bed. The night time version of Wake N Bake.
Hey you wanna smoke some BBB?
by PazzleDazzle August 27, 2008
Bad Bad Bad as in lousy, crappy
This radio programme is bbb, I think I'll watch television.

Who's up for football?
by Binfordman August 26, 2008
Pronounced "triple b"
A girl lacking in one or more specific properties:
Busted: Physical Attractiveness (total lack of)
Budget: Financial Security (again, total lack of)
Broke: Cultural Refinement (you get the pattern)

Barbaric: The X factor, reserved for only the most extreme circumstances.
Dude, that chick you hooked up with last night was sooo bbb.
by Joe4321 February 03, 2007
british, blonde and beautiful
I get giddy every time she talks because she's bbb. She's not interested though. =(
by tr- September 02, 2006

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