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Beer, Boats and Boobs
So hey, looking forward to the BBB at jobbie nooner.

We need some more beer for the BBB today.
by tznnmp August 11, 2010
booze before boyz ......and never boyz before booze
Marisa: What are we doing tonight?
Jess: Ask Mal
Mal: We're doing BBB!
by whhaduufuck August 08, 2010
BBB (Blazed Beyond Belief,) is a term used when you either want to go and smoke pot, without anyone knowing what you saying, or when your extremely high and you cant really speak full words
Dude, your so high your BBB
Busted Beyond Belief. When someone is so ugly its unbelievable.
That girl is a BBB (pronounced triple B).
by CKB VP June 16, 2010
BBB is an acronym for "Big Booty Bitches".

The term first started to be used after the hit Youtube video by ALostPeople called "Big Booty Bitches."

Today, BBB is used internationally as a term of fun and of course, Big Booty Bitches.

There are teams and clans out on the net supporting the BBB way of life.
I was Badcam'ing 3 BBB's in the back seat last night!

Man, look at those BBB's!
by Mike™ June 08, 2010
this stands for Bonfires, Beers, and Bitches (Babes)
Hey Jim, are you ready for some BBB?
by countrymasters May 15, 2010
stands for Bunch of Boring Bastards. used when all your mates are being antisocial fucktards and not doing anything. most common excuse given from those in the bbb category is something along the lines of, "nah bro I'm too tired aye." or some other cockamamie horseshit.
"I was going to go out tonight but all my mates are a bbb"
"aw ratshit buzz oi"
"yeah, real heinous penis"
by Enkett March 18, 2010