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this stands for Bonfires, Beers, and Bitches (Babes)
Hey Jim, are you ready for some BBB?
by countrymasters May 15, 2010
stands for Bunch of Boring Bastards. used when all your mates are being antisocial fucktards and not doing anything. most common excuse given from those in the bbb category is something along the lines of, "nah bro I'm too tired aye." or some other cockamamie horseshit.
"I was going to go out tonight but all my mates are a bbb"
"aw ratshit buzz oi"
"yeah, real heinous penis"
by Enkett March 18, 2010
Beer, Barbecue and Boston
"Where going to have a good ol' BBB piss up this weekend!"
by Cdenninger February 17, 2010
Beautiful Brainy Babe. A gal with an IQ of 150+ and 36-26-36 measurements.
Joe: Wow! Dig that dish of deliciousness!!
Al: Forget it. She's a lawyer and has a couple of PhDs.
Joe: She looks familiar.
Al: She should. She's one of that gang of BBBs on Fox News.
by Drooler November 28, 2009
Bang, bust, and bounce. The three pronged, ideal express exist strategy envisioned, but seldom realized, by most young heterosexual men when intimately engaged with a young lady for the first time.
"I was gonna BBB, but the ho cooked breakfast, so I stayed over until late afternoon".
by edicitsecni August 29, 2009
Bitches Beers Bong.
Person 1: Yo bro come over
Person 2: Nahh man I got bbb
Parson 1: Damn your lucky
by SomeDude11 August 21, 2009
big billowy blouse = When a skinny guy wears a dress shirt that's clearly too big.
wife: your not wearing that to work are you?
husband: yeah, why?
wife: it's totally BBB
husband: oh shit!
by larry dogsill May 25, 2009