Baddest, Bitches, Alive.
B.B.A. GIRLS ARE THE BADDEST. We roll with the flyest bitches, the meanest bitches, the forever pretty bitches, get in your face bitches, classy not trashy bitches, witty bitches, im talkin top notch bitches, & definitely not fake bitches. Now get out my face bitches!
by BBAGIRLS! June 11, 2010
Beastly Boob addiction.
Emily: you have a bba to sarah f. *laughs hysterically*

Nate/Tomm/Christian. EWWW thats gross.

Emily: *laughs hysterically... again]*

Kara w. laughs too. cuz now she knows what it is. :D
by lincoln park school is hot. April 29, 2008
Acronym for Beat Black Ass.
"If you would've said that shit in my face, I would've Beat Black Ass" (BBA)
by mister me September 08, 2006
Big Black Ass
We don't speak you bba language
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
The top baseball organization around played in the Richmond, VA area.
The BBA is a great league to play in.
by Big July 18, 2003
B Block Army. Hail from College Hall, Knighton Road, Leicester

Generally hates Beaumont Hall because they are a bunch of fucktards
Song: "College Hall, we are 'ere, Shag your birds and drink your beer, with a nick-nack-paddy-whack give-a-dog-a-bone, Beaumont boys can Fuck off home!"
by Ian Robinson February 14, 2005

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