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Bulgarian Bad Ass; A certain Bulgarian individual who has a killers stare and a killers instinct who might seems charming by his smile but is deceiving. He strangles fetuses as a casual hobby and his occupation is as a serial killer and one day will be an international wanted fugitive. Often found arguing with teachers, mostly librarians and Vice Principles. Hates awkward kids, and hates rules (he plays by his own)
Person: Hey, nice wheelz BBA, you gonna hit that???

2 minutes later the BBA has struck and the unfortunate individual is found in a ditch in Conetticut 2 weeks later.
by S.L.U....... October 13, 2010
BIG BEBO ASS: the act of posting a picture of your big ass on bebo. normaly done by sluts and skanky girls
mike:did you see that pic sophie put on her bebo ??
ollie : yer man she deff has a B.B.A
by ollie nd mikey December 04, 2007
Below the Belt Action.
"Honey, no bba we don't need you pregnant."
by seeraaaaah March 16, 2009
BBA is a polite abbreviation for 'Bareback Anal'

It is typically used for conversations about this activity in public places or as text/bbm speak to make typing easier and use less characters
Example 1
Mooro: 'What do you reckon to me shooting my goo straight up the bum'

AK: 'I dont do BBA so can't say it is high on my list of receiving areas'
by Messe Dickens September 12, 2010
a. Best Blog Award

When one is awarded the BBA by someone, it is generally told in a blog comment.
I gave the BBA to Ryan. Because his blog rocks.
by Emma [Rocks?] Yes July 25, 2006
Billy Bad Ass:
A Tough Guy
Jeremy thinks he's a BBA after having a few drinks.
by slick rick April 15, 2005
Baddest, Bitches, Alive.
B.B.A. GIRLS ARE THE BADDEST. We roll with the flyest bitches, the meanest bitches, the forever pretty bitches, get in your face bitches, classy not trashy bitches, witty bitches, im talkin top notch bitches, & definitely not fake bitches. Now get out my face bitches!
by BBAGIRLS! June 11, 2010