"Bachelor of Business Administration"

Typically a 4-year University Degree.

Majors for this degree could be Marketing, Management, Accounting, Economics, Finance, HR Management, E-Management etc.
"I got my BBA... Now what?"
#accounting #degree #degrees #business #administration #school #education #finance #management #economics
by Cody Murray March 20, 2008
Top Definition
an old hag; granny. BBA is a shorthand for 婆あ or "babaa"; it's essentially a pejorative of お婆さん or "obaasan".
MKY: ゆかりんはマイワイフ!!! hshshs (Yukarin is MAI WAIFU!!! *heavy breathing sounds*)
184: BBAがワイフか? www (you have a BBA as Waifu? lololol)
ロム:ワロタ (I lol'd)
#granny #old hag #old bag #crone #grandma
by KuukiYomenai November 27, 2013
N: An acronym and one-time user-name for "Bring Back Adler", the greatest troll of Guns N' Roses forums of all time.

Someday, far in the future, people will stop by their local veterans of forum wars to give a toast to BBA. BBA has been banned dozens of times and during certain points, multiple times a day. Many an IP address has been blacklisted because of the success of this troll.

If you troll internet forums, you can learn a lot by being a disciple of the great BBA. Bow before the great BBA enjoy his genius.

Due to his cleverness, humor, and indefatigable will, jealous moderators and admins ban him repeatedly. Enjoy his presence while you can, or at least until he makes another account.

Successful troll is amazingly successful.
Actual quote: "BBA has been banned"
#guns n' roses #troll #trolls #forum #moderator #admin #axl rose #slash #steven adler #duff mckagan #izzy stradlin #matt sorum
by Grunge N' Roses January 16, 2011
British army slang acronym from just after the Second World War and stands for Balls, Bum and Armpits. This referred to the areas washed when speed is of the essence or water in short supply, somewhat similar to an airplane bath. Extremely common during the 1950s when National Service was compulsory for all British males between the ages of 17 and 21, the BBA was reintroduced to the public conciousness by author Jonathan Gash in his Lovejoy novels.
Right, a quick BBA and I'm off on the piss!
#airplane bath #razzle #lick and a promise #british army #world war 2
by Croatalin April 24, 2014
black by association
man nahh ..he cool he bba
#black #by #association #nigga #bba
by luckybeauty332315 May 04, 2011
a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution.
"Speaker Boehner, along with Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA.), have been supportive of a BBA." - POLITICO
#balanced #budget #amendment #constitution #congress #fiscal #debt #deficit
by RickPerry July 25, 2011
Bulgarian Bad Ass; A certain Bulgarian individual who has a killers stare and a killers instinct who might seems charming by his smile but is deceiving. He strangles fetuses as a casual hobby and his occupation is as a serial killer and one day will be an international wanted fugitive. Often found arguing with teachers, mostly librarians and Vice Principles. Hates awkward kids, and hates rules (he plays by his own)
Person: Hey, nice wheelz BBA, you gonna hit that???

2 minutes later the BBA has struck and the unfortunate individual is found in a ditch in Conetticut 2 weeks later.
#killer #murder #slaying #children #fetus
by S.L.U....... October 13, 2010
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