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an acronym for British American Revising Laboratory.
the aim of BARLa, the revising laboratory, is to consider the short comings of the Anglous/English Anglo-Aamerican language in international use. E.g., it is suggested that the "teen numbers be recast, i.e., ten, ten-one, ten-two, ten-three, ten-four, etc.. Also, that nativ place names be preferred, i.e., Italia rather than Italy, Roma rather than Rome, Sakartvelo rather than Georgia, Ellas rather than Greece, and so forth. (reformed spellings ar allso sogested).
by R Irving Craig June 19, 2008
3 2
is innocence, sweetness, bundle of joy and helpful.
Some bad people take advantage of Barlas' because they are very humble
He is very "Barlas", brings sunshine to a rainy day
by space 2300 February 07, 2010
10 1