Indicates in what order you assemble and ready a portable military radio;

The term "Bad-Ass Motherfucker" was coined to make it easier to remember.
Private Johnson, I said 'BAMF', not 'ABMF', you inbred pile of dogshit!!
by BigAllah24 August 10, 2008
BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKERS... jessi h. and mariah w.
steve Look at those B A M F 'S!
john Who? Oh them? Don't worry about them--thats just Jessi and Mariah...their pretty kewl
steve sweet
by ILJHSM December 02, 2007
Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction; its branded there on his wallet for all to see.
Jules: "Give me my wallet back"
Thief: "Which one is it?"
Jules: "The one that says Bad Ass Motherfucker."
All this while the thief has a gun in his face. Clearly, a BAMF
by bournebadass September 19, 2007
Bad Ass Mother Fucker, may be known to some from a Dane Cook joke.
Wow...Just look at the guy, he's such a bamf.
by Brittney Petersen January 05, 2007
Bitch ass mother fucker(s)

for when someone is a bitch, but you cant say it.
by nahhniggunahh July 14, 2010
Bad ass mofo*

*(Shayne Wilson)
"Wow Shayne is such a bamf!""I know she just climbed that cliff in under 2 seconds!"
by KnightsWhoSayNi February 01, 2010
Bad. Ass. Mother. Fucker
Cyrstal: Omg jake just egged a police car!
Whitney:What A Bamf!
by Yomama_14 January 02, 2010

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