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1. Bad Ass Mother Fucker.
2. A baby sheep.
"Wow, Robert and Sarah, you two are BAMFs."
"Aw, look at that BAMF over there!"
by Surrrrrah Emily April 01, 2010
3 1
-a bad ass mother fucker
-a very cool person
-someone who knows a lot about life and random things
-someone who is awesome
-"She is such a BAMF"
-"She is so Julia"
-"She is such an awesome person"="She is such a BAMF"
-"She is an expert on isles..AND on being an expert...she's as expert on that too""woooo" "INORITE"
by Fake Name Smith March 28, 2010
5 3
Bad Ass Mother Fucker
"Everybody Throw 'em Up, I'm A Bamf. If You're Doing This Right Now, You're A Bamf" - Mitchell Davis - livelavalive - BAMF
by SexyPotatoSaladLover March 26, 2009
7 5
Bad Ass Mother Fuckers, is a hacker organization that existed in the 1980s.

BAMF! is a band from St. Louis, MO.

Bamf in the Marvel Universe relates to the X-Men character Nightcrawler and the resulting sound he makes when he teleports himself. The sound is caused by air rushing into the area where Nightcrawler's body once was. It has been borrowed as a teleport sound by fans of the series ever since.
I am the B.A.M.F.

BAMF! sucks.

First Nightcrawler was there then, *bamf* he was clear across the room.
by acidbathory January 08, 2009
67 65
Indicates in what order you assemble and ready a portable military radio;

The term "Bad-Ass Motherfucker" was coined to make it easier to remember.
Private Johnson, I said 'BAMF', not 'ABMF', you inbred pile of dogshit!!
by BigAllah24 August 10, 2008
8 6
Bad Ass Mother Fucker, may be known to some from a Dane Cook joke.
Wow...Just look at the guy, he's such a bamf.
by Brittney Petersen January 05, 2007
14 12
A girl that rides mopeds around thrid world countries with a hiking suitcase on her back, enjoying life, taking it all in and doing whatever the heck she please
Kate Kirby introduced Timor to the phrase BAMF on her moped with no helmet.
by kjstinson September 01, 2012
3 2