A term most commonly used by geologists to describe something or someone that shows an unmeasurable degree of awesomeness.
Man I totally got shitfaced and fought last night. BAMF
by jeancougar February 04, 2010
Being a BAMF = The act of bringing ones index fingers above one's mouth in the form of a moustache, thus becoming a BAMF
Mitchell Davis/livelavalive: (brings fingers up to mouth, making moustache) I'm a bamf. If you're doing this right now, you're a bamf. Who says that word? I just did."
by Leon/Treeon/Ling Ling May 27, 2009
BAMF - This means 'bad ass mother fucker'. A very cool person. Someone so incredible, so amazing that they can look at you and BOOM - You're pregnant. That is how cool they are.
E.g. Severus Snape is a BAMF

Remus Lupin is a BAMF

Draco Malfoy is a BAMF

Harry Potter is a BAMF

Ron Weasley is a BAMF

Lord Voldemort is a .... Yeah, not so much.
by AbziLou May 08, 2011
n.) Betty White
When I become a pediatric I hope I have half as much hootspa as that classy, sassy BAMF
by justinsuxbeiber October 17, 2010
The sound of teleportation, demonstrated by Nightcrawler in the X-Men series.

See also Snikt.
The answer is as quick...
*BAMF* it is painful.
by GoblinGrenade May 13, 2014
n. A word made up of the initials for "badass motherfucker." Also, it is a synonym for Doctore, from Spartacus: Blood and Sand.
Doctore: A gladiator does not fear death. He embraces it, caresses it... fucks it.

Doctore is a friggin' BAMF.
by Sidness9 August 11, 2010
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