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A hilariously pathetic sketch "comedy" group.
BAMF, gets no respect.
by Cynical Carl February 05, 2003
Exclamation of jubilation
Bamf! I am teh winnar!
by KingTT December 29, 2003
Broke Ass Mother Fucker
Man, I totally overdrew my checking account. I am such a B.A.M.F.
by juliemack June 14, 2007
Noun. Acronym for Broke Ass Mutha Fucka!
My sister comes over and eats all my food; therefore, she is a BAMF.
by Camille February 21, 2003
Big And Masculine Female
-yo check the biceps on that B.A.M.F.

i just found out that hottie from the bar is a total B.A.M.F.
by john fitzgerald jacob February 07, 2007
Samuel L. Jackson, mother fucker.
-Which wallet is yours?
-The one that says bad ass mother fucker (B.A.M.F.)
by SUPA-FLYer August 21, 2006
Big Ass Mother Fucka
Man Rikishi is one B.A.M.F.
by will stowe January 13, 2006