dude guys this is weird.... bamf does mean bad ass mother fucker but u guys did thumbs down on the previous entry... Dont do that !!! bamf = bad ass mother fucker .. gosh if u noe wut that is, dont give it a thumbs down
I bet a lot of ppl will give me a thumbs down on this....bamf
by 21414142133 December 09, 2006
Basically anyone name Rachel.
WOW that girl is such a BAMF her name must be Rachel!!!
by mysterymagic November 17, 2010
Bad ass mother fucker
You are one bad ass mother fucker(bamf)
by ben fuck face August 25, 2009
Bitch Ass Mother Fucker
god that dude pisses me off, I know hes a total BAMF and the funny thing is he probably thinks that is a good thing, haha what a DBC
by !sunshyne! February 11, 2009
Used to express extreme joy or excitement. This word is typically used all by itself, as a lone exclamation.

This can be used just after you've said or done something you're very proud of.
Can also be used if someone just got pwned, and you are rubbing the pwning in their face.

A variation of this word is "ska-BAMF!", which came into use after the animated movie Kung Fu Panda popularized the term "ska-doosh".
Ned: *showing a paper to his friend* Bamf! I just got the highest score possible on my SAT!

Barlow: Well, while you were taking 4 hours on your test, I nailed your sister in your bedroom. Bamf!
by Barlow! January 27, 2009
Big As Mrs. Frog, commonly mistaken as above words.
Wow look at Jessica..geez.
Yeah she is a BAMF
by happyskills October 16, 2007
Some one who surpasses all aspects of coolness and does whatever the hell they want and never lets people get in their way; especially people labeled a "Half BAMF."
"Megen is such a BAMF, she loves BURNT TOAST and ICE CREAM CAKE!"
by HALFBAMF March 06, 2008
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