that bamf called you a bad word? wtf!?
by bamf12345674321 April 07, 2010
bitches and marijuana forever
im a part of BAMF.
by BAMF awesome January 11, 2010
Carley Basteri: basically the coolest girl ever who runs show everywhere.
that girl is almost as much of a bamf as carley
by the mop May 13, 2009
BAMF= Bad ass motherfucker, Consists of making some kind of mustache and posting it on myspace. Can also be a action Bamfing this Bamfing that.
OHMYGOD You're such a BAMF.
Let's Bamf!
by LizzySON April 30, 2009
bad ass mother fucker
dude that john bridge kid is a tottal BAMF.
by johnny Brid. morton March 02, 2008
Bad Ass Mother Fucker
*Dane Cook*
That guy in the Dodge is a BAMF!!!

I wish I were a BAMF!!!
by XoxOXoxO August 04, 2007
bad ass mother fucker...for life
riss and tay hopping fences and getting caught by the cops is bamf.
by riiiss June 28, 2007
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