An acronym meaning one of two things:

1. Bad Ass Mother Fucker
2. Bitch Ass Mother Fucker
"Why does Taylor always run out I front during warmups"

"Cause he's a BAMF duh"
by Fenbers March 01, 2010
a bad ass mother fucker
always female
or a bitchass mother fucker
always a male
wow, that girl is such a bamf even when she is on crutches!
by tootight March 12, 2009
Bad Ass Motha Fucker

With insanely awesome weekend plans
basically Lara and David are the most bamfs ever
by shotokan213 May 16, 2008
Can be used in two ways: "Bad Ass Mother Fucker" or "Bad Ass Mo Fo." Either way, it means the same thing...
Guy 1 - Dude, look at that guy eat all those burgers!
Guy 2 - I know. What a BAMF.
by Dr. What's-his-name May 13, 2008
Bad ass mother fucker. But if a superior asks and you don't really want them to know, Big and Manly Fellow.
Kid: Damn dude he is a BAMF!
Mom: Whats a BAMF?
Kid: Big and Manly Fellow of course
by asljhfsdfe April 08, 2007
2. Anyone with a gun.
3. Anyone that plays 360 and not garbage PS3 or Wii.
4. Who drinks Dr. Pepper
5. People who dont care what others think.
Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Evan Church, Hunter Murphy, Alaina Johnson, Captain America, Cookie Monster, Criss Angel and Master Chief. :DDD Deal with it. BAMF
by ExperimentX13 June 21, 2011
A violent escape of air from the oral orifice. Usually unprompted and highly unexpected. May result in mild to large cubicle tremor. Use this action loosen stool/sphincter. Often accompanied by a mushroom cloud of pork rind dust.
EVERYONE: WTF was that??
by lardFace99 April 21, 2010
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