-B eautiful
-A mazing
-M agical
-F riend
BAMF: Any girl who is a member of Health Technologies.
by Bexxx17 June 12, 2009
bad-ass mother fucker.
hahah, i love this word.
"lauren, i can't believed you just robbed that jewellery store and told that hoe to make you a grill. you BAMF!"
by laurenxbeezy May 24, 2006
BAMF= Bitch Ass Motha Fucker
guy1: give me your lunch money before I beat on you.

guy2: ok man im sorry here.

girl you are in love with: damn man you a BAMF!
by Gateway945 July 01, 2011
BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER (created by petey)
by ignas kasulitites March 29, 2011
A person that is cool and can do anything. Probably admired by many.
Oh wow.. he is such a BAMF! I wish I was like him.
by quitequiet April 09, 2010
An acronym meaning one of two things:

1. Bad Ass Mother Fucker
2. Bitch Ass Mother Fucker
"Why does Taylor always run out I front during warmups"

"Cause he's a BAMF duh"
by Fenbers March 01, 2010
a bad ass mother fucker
always female
or a bitchass mother fucker
always a male
wow, that girl is such a bamf even when she is on crutches!
by tootight March 12, 2009

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