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A bad as mother fucker; someone who does a tremendous amount of bad ass shit.
Like, for example: calee & karen. They put dried up shit on their neighbors door. I was there and it was a crazy stunt.(: They are BAMF!
by nickasaur :] April 23, 2009
a word to describe someone who is really fucking bad ass. (bad ass mother fucker).
"i didn't do my homework last night."
"wow tom, your such a BAMF."
by #2BAMF April 02, 2009
A Bad ass mother fucker, who runs this shit.
Michael Phelps is a BAMF dude, he is gonna win 8 gold medals in the Olympics.
by WeezleFbaby August 11, 2008
used to describe someone that is an exterme bad ass

can be pronounced B-A-M-F or BAMF
Yo ma, you one tight BAMF
by Chris Rutherford June 11, 2008
Chuck Norris

or bad ass mother fucker
dude youre so fucking Chuck Norris!
that guy just kicked a tiger and pissed in its mouth! hes a REAL Chuck Norris

dude your so BAMF!
that guy just kicked a tiger and pissed in its mouth! Hes a REAL BAMF

by megasex May 19, 2008
Bad Ass Mother Fucker.
Brady Sawatsky, and Carson Myers.
"Woah man, Brady and Carson are BAMFs."
by Carson et Brady September 19, 2007
A Bad Ass Mother Fucker.

You must be super hardcore or super cool to get this nickname. Often times when something awesome has just been done by someone, you can yell out something like "Man, that guy's a BAMF!"

Watch the movie The Warriors.
They are hardcore BAMF's.
"Holy shit! Nick Rodriguez just hit that guy in the face with a wooden bat!"
"Yeah, he's a BAMF."
by Sara Lapp February 26, 2007