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1) Bad ass mother fucker (popularized by Dane Cook)

2) Bad at making funnies (used to describe Dane Cook)
1) The guy in that monster truck is a BAMF.
2) Did you see that comedian? Such a BAMF.
by Dr. Sloth February 18, 2012
Bitch Ass Mutha Fucker
Man he just made me made. Ol BAMF!
by Jessiegr_17 January 30, 2012
Term commonly used by Etricoach athletes and coaches to describe an AWESOME athlete how has DONE WORK… All athletes are created equal, but only a few can hold a BAMF status. In order to become a BAMF, athletes must demonstrate the ability to train hard, DO WORK, and reach new limits of performance.
All our athletes are trained to become BAMF's. If you DO WORK and get a PR, you can be an BAMF.
by Etricoach January 28, 2012
1. Karen from dragon boat
2. bad ass mother fucker
Karen is a bamf in everything she does.
by planet2o November 20, 2011
A BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER who rocks at rugby. Usually a group of six girls who can kick anybody's ass anyday.
Dude check out that blond "BAMF" and her five other friends!
Yeah......I wanna date one soo badly!
by thebadsidepftheforceretards June 07, 2010
1>A bad ass mother fucker.
2> A girl named Youngsil: who is indeed "a bad ass mother fucker"
Yo man, you see that chick over there? She is such a BAMF
by BAMF'S R US April 26, 2010
Bitch-Ass Mother Fucker
That shit-talker is such a BAMF, I'm gonna go beat his ass.
by Constant Forward Pressure August 14, 2009