bad ass mother fucker
Neville Longbottom is a B.A.M.F.
by thracek September 22, 2008
Bad Ass Mother Fucker
Damn, now that guy is a bamf.
by Brittunga May 29, 2008
Bad Ass Mother Fucker!
(Insert name here) is a BAMF !
by bamf__tori December 13, 2007
Bad ass mother fucker
Man,Davis you are a BAMF and Martain you suck.
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
BAMF is usually a word that means "bad ass mother fucker" usually nick names for BAMF are "rowdy, pacen, or rodie" BAMF just means your a badass and get lots of pussy.
BAMF means "badass mother fucker" someone fun rowdy pacen rodie
by BAMF101 January 30, 2015
1) Bad ass mother fucker (popularized by Dane Cook)

2) Bad at making funnies (used to describe Dane Cook)
1) The guy in that monster truck is a BAMF.
2) Did you see that comedian? Such a BAMF.
by Dr. Sloth February 18, 2012
Bitch Ass Mutha Fucker
Man he just made me made. Ol BAMF!
by Jessiegr_17 January 30, 2012

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