(bad ass mother fucker)
Anyone who can be a total bitch, Drink all night long and still wake up in the morning.
Completely legit.
Holy shit, Sensi and Crystal are fucking BAMF's.
by dickbanger. June 27, 2009


shes a bad ass mother fucker

shes a BAMF
by Haine June 18, 2009
Bad Ass Mo' Fuc'
This is anyone that resembles a bad ass, any one that can shut someone up in one sentence. Can be any one with remarkably stunning looks, leaving all personnel that come in contact in awe. Pissing nothing but excellence every time, all the time. Trailing behind them a wake of pure coolness that none other can surpass. Also any one that performs an act that just screams amazing!
Did you see The Walkinator today? That dude is a BAMF DAMN, LLGG!! Yousa BAMF!

Ellio, Hardcore Rappin BAMF
Johnny G. BAMF, Nuff said.
by The King&Queen of Bamfness June 01, 2009
Bitch Ass Mother Fucker: A derogatory term
When your boss leaves a pile of papers on your desk for you to work on and a nagging list of things to do you call her a BAMF behind her back. Warning: Careful that she doesn't hear. This may result in getting fired.
by sweetpea2785 May 13, 2009
Bad Ass Mother Fucker. They are everything you want to be.
Doug is the only person who could make the Christmas sweater vest and turtleneck awesome at the christmas party this year. He is such a BAMF.
by Andrew Batule December 19, 2007
Bad ass mother fucker
Man,Davis you are a BAMF and Martain you suck.
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
BAMF is an acronym, abbreviation or slang. BAMF means "Bad Ass Mother Fucker"
B.A.M.F As an insult: I am your bad ass mother f***er
by Nybras May 09, 2014

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