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Bad Ass Mother Fucker. They are everything you want to be.
Doug is the only person who could make the Christmas sweater vest and turtleneck awesome at the christmas party this year. He is such a BAMF.
by Andrew Batule December 19, 2007
5 4
BAMF is an acronym, abbreviation or slang. BAMF means "Bad Ass Mother Fucker"
B.A.M.F As an insult: I am your bad ass mother f***er
by Nybras May 09, 2014
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A girl that rides mopeds around thrid world countries with a hiking suitcase on her back, enjoying life, taking it all in and doing whatever the heck she please
Kate Kirby introduced Timor to the phrase BAMF on her moped with no helmet.
by kjstinson September 01, 2012
3 3
Acronym, standing for bad ass mother fucker. Used to refer to a person of great courage and/or lack of fear or abilities of almost supernatural awesomeness.

See also: Lyta Alexander.
"Lyta Alexander totally just controlled a roomful of people-with her mind!"
"Dude, what a BAMF."
by catherinelefey March 10, 2012
1 1
Bad Ass Mother Fucker. Someone that owns on the quidditch field. ex: addie
You see addie playing quidditch?
Yeah. She's a BAMF
by 27821 May 24, 2011
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A "Bad Ass Mother Fucker" made famous by Dane Cook.
Emma Rimsa is a BAMF.
by The Carter III November 29, 2010
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The abbreviation for Badass Motherfucker.
I just bought a Gatling Gun. I'm such a B.A.M.F.
by Saicotic October 22, 2010
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