A blunt laced with tobacco. Sometimes dipped in malt liquor.
Me and Tim were about to spark a B40, you wanna hit it?
by Metal_Sac June 30, 2004
Top Definition
A Blunt and Forty ounce malt liquor combo see "breakfast"
Man, its the first of the month im gonna get a B40 and get fucked up.
by Koolaid March 28, 2005
a b-40 is when you smoke a blunt with a 40.0z
lets cop a b-40 and fuck sum niggas up
by shut up nigga June 12, 2003
a slang term used to desribe the act of smoking a blunt(cigar,black and mild,phillie, etc. filled with marijuana) and either drinking a 40 oz. alcoholic beverage with the blunt or dipping the blunt in the alchohol itself.
Let's hit up a B-40 tonight dog and get messed up.
by d.roc December 29, 2006
A cigar laced with cannabis and dipped in malt liquor
We smoked a b-40 together
by Nathan Heller February 28, 2006
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