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Bowling While Intoxicated
B.W.I. is enhanced by wearing bling.
by Cletus Van Damm July 24, 2007
1 1
bitch with issues
Greg: Hey you still seein your lady friend?
Clyde: Naah, that crackhead's a bwi...
by Grandmaster C May 10, 2010
17 6
Commonly related to the term DWI for driving while intoxicated; this term means bicycling while intoxicated.
Guy1: "Dude, you got arrested last night? That blows! How?"

Guy2: "I thought it'd be okay if i rode my huffy home last night but the cops were everywhere and i ended up gettin a BWI. Now i have a court date."
by twobirdsinhand October 08, 2010
8 0
BWI stands for Browsing While Intoxicated. This is similar to DWI for driving. BUI is a situation where a drunk person is having a great time browsing the internet and having fun.

Clinton: What are you doing? Wanna come over to my place to watch some TV

Santosh: Sorry but I am BWI!
by SantoshGeorge March 07, 2009
9 3
Blogging While Intoxicated -
You go out, you drink, you come back home at 5 am and can't help turning on the computer and blogging and ranting about the night you've had. You're BWI!
NOTE: This post has typos because I wrote it at 4:30 am...I was BWI. Sorry
by Ella Unread May 26, 2011
3 1
bitches with itches
Dan why do you tend to hook up with them BWIs
by nampoh tnek October 05, 2010
7 5
Better While Intoxicated
"Tim and Eric is really BWI"
by NVR23 September 29, 2012
2 1
Barbara Walters interview

When someone fires a line of questions one after another, never giving you a chance to answer the first question. A type of nagging.
Damn, girl! Why do you keep on me like this is a BWI? interrogate question nag complain
by No Clothes September 05, 2010
3 3