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B.U.V. is an acronym for a "beat up vagina". This is a vagina that has the wierd middle stuff that hangs out between the normal two lips of a vagina. This is most commonly seen among porno stars which gives it the "beat up" quality.

Most men know to signify to a friend that a girl has a B.U.V. by standing in said friends line of vision behind the girls back and letting his tongue hang loosely out of the side of his mouth. The friend, now empowered with the knowledge can proceed with caution.

It is a lesser known fact that dogs are known as man's best friend because of their propensity to alert men of being in the vicinity of a B.U.V. using the same method of hanging their tongue loosely out of their mouth as described above. The uninformed and hippies would say that is silly and the dog is simply smiling. They would be wrong.
Porno Star Brianna Banks has a B.U.V.
by Peckerneck February 06, 2007
to fuck-to have sex -
Mourad : omg id buv her so hard !
Khalid : no man asian i dont like
Pillz : no man come on shes hot !!
by mourad__ March 13, 2008
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