Anal sex:

Derived from the words "bu (tt) fu (cking)"

I thought I invented this word, but apparently other people did too: I have been studying Japanese, and I noticed how they alter english words into their language: I decided the word "bufu" was an appropriate kanafication (i.e. adopting of a word to the 'kana' or japanese phonetic alphabet) of "bu (tt) fu (cking)" and it eventually worked itself into the language of myself and the people I know.
He is a master of the ancient art of bufu.
No bufu for me!
Elton John is ultimate bufu power!
by Geek March 03, 2005
fubu with mixed up letters.
the dislexic black man was wearing his bufu
by Josh October 09, 2004
short for butt fucked. Used to refer to a bad situation.
That dude thought he was tough, but I bufued that dude.

That test really bufued me.
by the_carrot September 11, 2007
Background: originated from "How High?"
Definition: By Us Fu*k u!
This shit is BUFU...
by Tyrone August 21, 2004
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