The art of the "butt fuck"
I just bufu'd Susie last night!!!
by Big Al September 15, 2003
slang for a homosexual, ie "butt-fucker"
In the song "Valley Girl", Moon makes reference to an undesirable man "He's like Mister Bufu"
by radiomemory July 31, 2003
bye Uss Fuck you
by Michelle June 25, 2003
gonad eater
diane michelle drews
by DIANE=ASS UGLY February 22, 2003
smelly rank ass butt and or ball sweat
im bout to whipe some bufu on his face
by reptilegod324 July 10, 2008
Anal sex:

Derived from the words "bu (tt) fu (cking)"

I thought I invented this word, but apparently other people did too: I have been studying Japanese, and I noticed how they alter english words into their language: I decided the word "bufu" was an appropriate kanafication (i.e. adopting of a word to the 'kana' or japanese phonetic alphabet) of "bu (tt) fu (cking)" and it eventually worked itself into the language of myself and the people I know.
He is a master of the ancient art of bufu.
No bufu for me!
Elton John is ultimate bufu power!
by Geek March 03, 2005
bitch u fuckin ugly
"hey bufu!"
by kasoy108 April 08, 2004

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