A random word to fill a spot in a sentance that is unknown.
Used to replace "um..." or stuttering
Lets go to... Bob... tonight.
Bob said you are dumb.
I love... Bob.
Q. Who are you?
A. Bob
by Swizzeteo December 12, 2005
for "Bombs over Baghdad", also a known song performed by OutKast
Don't pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang!
Bombs over Baghdad!

OutKast- B.O.B
by Chainsy October 14, 2005
Inner city Welsh and British expression for the Police. Typically it refers to undercover officers, however. It is very likely a derivation from "Bobbies."

Often this expression is used as a codeword for an investigator at a party or club, as saying "watch out for Bob" is much less conspicuous than saying "watch out for the police."
"Out the back! Shit! There's a pair of buggered Bobs hear."

I heard Kate got arrested last night. A Bob caught her dealing.
by TheFlyingWelshman May 27, 2014
1. An attorney who likes to yell out "Paul!" various times throughout the day.

2. Someone who secretly thinks he is a pirate.

3. A name that can be used in place of God.
Bob Dammit, where's Paul?!?
by MARYP70 February 12, 2014
When someone sees a builders bum, ‘bob’ is shouted.
Can you see my ‘bob’ in this?
by a builder January 31, 2014
Band of blue, the matching band at middle tennesee state university (MTSU). Commonly called the band of boobs, the band of booze, or the band of butts. They are known for being big, loud, and funky.
Wow, MT football sucks dick, but that B.O.B was damn funky.
by Rf75865 October 30, 2013
The poor guy in Surgeon Simulator, which is the most tragic game ever made.
by Oxyphenbutazone June 18, 2013

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