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(n). Battery Operated Boyfriend.
Also known as a vibrator. Called a battery operated boyfriend because it acts as a form of pleasure when your living boy is unavailable. (Besides BOB's better because you get it the way you like it)
BOB pleasured me in ways I never knew possible last night.
by SEEARE May 11, 2004
Bitch Out Back. Used when someone has been dissed or embarrassed.
Kayla: Hey Lorenzo, can I have your number?
Lorenzo: Um, no.
Taylor: BOB!
by marchelle001 February 16, 2012
Someone who has awful chat, either far too boring or far too cringeworthy. They are known to destroy social situations and can empty rooms at partys.
Lorenzo was really bob last night
by Rod Corrigan July 05, 2011
Girls menstrual cycle, her time of the month
Gina are you with Bob.
Jackie are you with Bob...I'm sorry.
by pig butt February 27, 2011
A guy who is one "o" short of boob.
Bob is going off again about something. Jeez, what a temper.

Yeah, he's acting like a boob again! He's such a badass.
by he'smybob February 06, 2011
(Noun)Battery Operated Boyfriend. A vibrator. Used by women, both single and partnered. Good for a quick fix alone, or in play with a friend or partner.
I was in no mood to deal with a booty call so I just hung in with a bottle of wine and BOB.
by beyondborderline November 03, 2010
Birds over Boys
Bitches over Boys

A situation in which a person takes the side of or chooses to spend time with a girl as opposed to the time being spent with his boys would lead to this person being deemed a BOB or bird dier as he "dies" for this girl.
A BOB may also be referred to as whipped and whipping sounds can be made where deemed appropriate.
Hey tas wanna head out with the boys?
I can't man my bird won't let me :(
Whaaaatsssschhhhhhhhhh BOB you is whipped!
by ND11 August 04, 2010