Bitch on benefits
Lucie: Hi, Stephen!

Stephen: Fuck off you stupid bob!
by Stephen ;) July 02, 2011
Girls menstrual cycle, her time of the month
Gina are you with Bob.
Jackie are you with Bob...I'm sorry.
by pig butt February 27, 2011
Big Orange Blob
(a.k.a. a guido on the larger side.)
omg, that chick is such a BOB.
by non-guido April 07, 2010
an acronym for Back Off Bitch
usually used over texting or facebook, but very effective
girl 1- hey whats jason's number??
girl 2 - bob he is mine!
girl 1 - what ever he's ugly anyways
by notmine November 05, 2009
Slang term for the hiking poles (a.k.a. “trekking poles”) that have come into common use over the last decade. Though it is somewhat uncertain, the term “bobs” is widely believed to be in honor of Robert L.M. Underhill, an American mountaineer best known for introducing Alpine style climbing techniques in the United States during the 1920s and 30s.

The phrase, “he’s got his bobs,” is sometimes used among elite mountaineers to indicate an individual has the appropriate equipment for a particular expedition or outing.
"It's a very difficult hike, you'd better bring your bobs if you expect to make the summit."
by The Desert Dilettante October 05, 2009
The official monacker, street worthy alias of the rockstar also known in the mainstream as Barack OBama. The not so redneck equivalent of 'Dubya' given to George W. Bush.
B.Ob went platinum in his public address to those congress scags regarding his health bill
by Qberto - Czar of War September 03, 2009
phrase commonly used when not knowing the sex of a person. Bird or bloke
Fred:Dude is that a girl or a guy
Dave:Heyy Its A BOB
by tcehlnaloaeie May 24, 2009
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