That guy of the natural male enhancement commercial. He smiles a lot and drives a race car. His BEST friend………
Sarah: yo i was watching T.V last night and this commercial comes on with this creepy guy named BOB comes on all smily cuz his geting more sex...........

Lauren: yeah i saw that too!!!!! it was way creepy!!
by lauren2 August 14, 2007
A random word to fill a spot in a sentance that is unknown.
Used to replace "um..." or stuttering
Lets go to... Bob... tonight.
Bob said you are dumb.
I love... Bob.
Q. Who are you?
A. Bob
by Swizzeteo December 12, 2005
Back off bitch
You better bob, or my I'm gonna mess you up
by Mariabug May 28, 2014
...dude...duh its the builder
Watch the show Bob the Builder
by aqwhm1 November 30, 2011
Man version of boobs
synonym of moobs
"Yo man! You see this here?! You see this right heeeeeerrre?!

i got BOBS MAN! BOBS!!"
by Hatori November 10, 2010
1. The first name that comes to mind when one tries to name something or someone. Legit.
2. A funny name that some have described as a "loser name."
1. Hayley: What are you naming your pet rock?
Emilia: Ummm.. BOB!

Sianna: What should we name the main character of our story?
Julianna: Bob!

2. Bob: Hi, my name is Bob.
Bryce: Haha what a loser name!
by mesmerizing246 September 03, 2010
Birds over Boys
Bitches over Boys

A situation in which a person takes the side of or chooses to spend time with a girl as opposed to the time being spent with his boys would lead to this person being deemed a BOB or bird dier as he "dies" for this girl.
A BOB may also be referred to as whipped and whipping sounds can be made where deemed appropriate.
Hey tas wanna head out with the boys?
I can't man my bird won't let me :(
Whaaaatsssschhhhhhhhhh BOB you is whipped!
by ND11 August 04, 2010

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