Meaning Back Off Bitch. Usally used in the retail world or in an environment that tracks sales. It is a way to tell a fellow worker that the customer is yours while still maintaining a professional environment
Hey! B.O.B
by Bustawookie July 13, 2011
Someone who has awful chat, either far too boring or far too cringeworthy. They are known to destroy social situations and can empty rooms at partys.
Lorenzo was really bob last night
by Rod Corrigan July 05, 2011
Bitch on benefits
Lucie: Hi, Stephen!

Stephen: Fuck off you stupid bob!
by Stephen ;) July 02, 2011
The name of Abraham's "Turtle"

(Dick, not turtle.)
Wednesday, "Hey can I see Bob?"
Abraham, "Sure, but he's put up right now."
Wednesday, "Okay, later then, tonight good, at the dance?"
Abraham, "Perfect.:)"
by Wednesday1397 February 18, 2011
A guy who is one "o" short of boob.
Bob is going off again about something. Jeez, what a temper.

Yeah, he's acting like a boob again! He's such a badass.
by he'smybob February 06, 2011
big ol' belly
A funny nickname you would call a guy with a beer gut.

Hey Bob! Get me a beer!
by singlegirlswag February 02, 2011
1. The first name that comes to mind when one tries to name something or someone. Legit.
2. A funny name that some have described as a "loser name."
1. Hayley: What are you naming your pet rock?
Emilia: Ummm.. BOB!

Sianna: What should we name the main character of our story?
Julianna: Bob!

2. Bob: Hi, my name is Bob.
Bryce: Haha what a loser name!
by mesmerizing246 September 03, 2010

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