1. The first name that comes to mind when one tries to name something or someone. Legit.
2. A funny name that some have described as a "loser name."
1. Hayley: What are you naming your pet rock?
Emilia: Ummm.. BOB!

Sianna: What should we name the main character of our story?
Julianna: Bob!

2. Bob: Hi, my name is Bob.
Bryce: Haha what a loser name!
by mesmerizing246 September 03, 2010
The official monacker, street worthy alias of the rockstar also known in the mainstream as Barack OBama. The not so redneck equivalent of 'Dubya' given to George W. Bush.
B.Ob went platinum in his public address to those congress scags regarding his health bill
by Qberto - Czar of War September 03, 2009
huge breasts that become one when placed inside a bra and tight t-shirt
"Don't you mean boobs?"
by faggotygox June 12, 2009
phrase commonly used when not knowing the sex of a person. Bird or bloke
Fred:Dude is that a girl or a guy
Dave:Heyy Its A BOB
by tcehlnaloaeie May 24, 2009
big old bottom. used both literally and as a pejorative. nuff said!
literally: that "versatile" guy ended up a bob.
as a pejorative: fred phelps is such a bob
by scottiboi April 27, 2009
1. n. A common name, also a nickname for a person with the name Robert.

2. adj. Used to discreetly tell a friend of a nearby exposed butt crack

3. n. Stereotypical name for a construction worker.

4. v. A sexual action where the top person bounces up and down on the bottom person.

5. v. The act of feltching.

6. n. The last bead on a string of anal beads

7. v. bobbing - To use nothing but your mouth to retrieve something out of the water.
1. "How have you been Bob?"

person 1 - "I think I see Bob!"
person 2 - "EWWWW! Bob is hairy!"

3. Bob The Builder

4/5. person - "Man! He/she sure knows how to bob."

6. person - "Oops! I let the bob go in!"

7. Game - bobbing for apples
by Jack Tofft March 23, 2009
short for Bug Out Bag. An emergency kit with necessities for short term survival in case of disaster. Used on survivalist forums.
I bought some flashlight batteries for my BOB, I heard there's a hurricane a-comin'.
by emperorwang February 21, 2009

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