Body Operated Boyfriends.

Vibrators and such. Masturbation toys.
I got a date with B.O.B tonight.
by BVBArmy May 06, 2013
An Emotion consisting of : happy/sad/unknowing-ness/anger and blah
"Hey, how are you?"
"Im feeling kinda bob"
by Dude245 April 01, 2010
a "bob" is when a girl shows just one boob
frank and chino were at the bar , when they asked a girl to show her boobs. She said i can't do that ! So they said how about just a "bob" then ? She agreed and whipped out just the right one.
by jobens December 20, 2012
The name of Abraham's "Turtle"

(Dick, not turtle.)
Wednesday, "Hey can I see Bob?"
Abraham, "Sure, but he's put up right now."
Wednesday, "Okay, later then, tonight good, at the dance?"
Abraham, "Perfect.:)"
by Wednesday1397 February 18, 2011
Big Orange Blob
(a.k.a. a guido on the larger side.)
omg, that chick is such a BOB.
by non-guido April 07, 2010
an acronym for Back Off Bitch
usually used over texting or facebook, but very effective
girl 1- hey whats jason's number??
girl 2 - bob he is mine!
girl 1 - what ever he's ugly anyways
by notmine November 05, 2009
Slang code word for marijuana, easily inserted into conversations to disguise the substance of the discussion. Shortened form of cockney rhyming slang, "Bob Hope" for "Dope."
Have you seen Bob? (Do you have weed?)
Is Bob coming to the party? (Are you bringing weed to the event?)
You want to take a walk over to Bob's house? (Do you want to go outside and burn one?)
by Coralhead January 21, 2009

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