when somebody is not making sence they are chatting bob
Claire likes to get stoned and get mushed off her head..when she's high she chats PURE BOB.

my lil u bob chatta
by matthew20000005 December 08, 2005
BOB is an acronym for Bud Over Bitches, originally coined by Tupac Shakur, and Snoop Doggy Dogg when both artists were signed to Deathrow Records.
Tupac started the whole BOB acronym, back with Snoop Dogg on stage at a live show in L.A. in mid 92' spittin bud over bitches in the mic while smokin a L with his blood folk Snoop.
by MWeezy September 01, 2007
or B.O.B - abbreviation of Big Old Bird. Describes a woman who is incredibly large and unattractive, but likes to think that she is God's gift to the male population.
"Sarah told me she had two boyfriends on the go at once!"
"Noway do I belive that! She's such a Bob!"
by Corinne Simpson October 15, 2006
Designated driver. Derived from the Dutch "Don't Drink and Drive" campaigns acronym.
"Do you want a beer?"
"No, I'm the Bob tonight."
"Are you girls ready to go out? Who's the Bob?"
by Ariel and Lizzie a.ka. Anu October 17, 2003
B.O.B. stands for Blacked Out Bitch, a person (can be male/female) that is blacked out (i.e. cannot remember what happened to them due to drinking too much alcohol)
Boy 1: Why can't I remember anything last night?
Boy 2: Because you were a B.O.B! You drank way too much 4 loko.
by megsies3456 December 09, 2010
An acronym for "Bit of Both" when referring to a mixture of some sort
When going to the movies and ordering popcorn
Lady: "Hi Sir, would you like Salted or Sweet?"
Sir: "BOB please"
by Goose99 August 10, 2007
B.O.B. Bums Over Bitches. Just watch Bumfights 2: A Cause for Concern
"What does that mean"
"Bums over bitches. Straight peckerwood."
by po-po July 15, 2004

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