1. Big Old Bitch.

2. The nickname my father gave our fat, nasty 6'5 lesbian neighbor when I was 10.
Nikki, I think BOB was checking you out over the fence when you were swimming in the pool today!
by MiSS_NiKKi July 10, 2008
a replacement for god, derived from the famous swear substitute BOB SAGET!

Bob Damnit!!!!
That Bob forsaken piece of shit!!!!
Oh my bob!!!!
by Bear Tits September 25, 2007
bob bend over buddy b.o.b the dude who gets fucked up tha ass in jail by the 6'6 black dude named bubba or bob otherwise known as the dude who drops the bar of soap in jail
bubba:hey yo bob bend over
Bubba:fine then
Bob:no! no! stop! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by J-Yunginz May 15, 2007
An acronym for Boobs Over Ball, a phrase used in soccer so you don't sky all your shots. Skying reffering to missing the shot by kicking over the goal.
Grace: ahh I skyed my shot again!!
Coach: Well did you BOB? No!!
by I'm Becky December 21, 2005
-Verb- To Move along the vertical axis, up and down continuosly, as a fishing "bobber" or cork would move on the tops of waves.
While on the beach, Peter was amazed at how Roberta could bob as she rode wave after wave on her raft.
by CunningLinguist January 23, 2005
B.O.B. Bums Over Bitches. Just watch Bumfights 2: A Cause for Concern
"What does that mean"
"Bums over bitches. Straight peckerwood."
by po-po July 15, 2004
a term used in soccer that stands for boobs over ball. it means to lean over that ball so that when u kick it it doesnt go high in the air
the coach yelled no bob because he was perverted and wanted to see her boobs because they were big dirty pillows!!!
by Anonymous January 25, 2003

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