1. The builder who can fix it

2.The first name to think of while thinking of names

3.a sponge
1. "Can we fix it,yes we can!"

2. "I'll name him...BOB!"

3. "Hi SpongeBob!"-Patrick
by Themaster21 June 21, 2009
Bend Over Bitch!!! used when guys want some anal!
yo i told sally to bob last night!! it was gooooooooood!
by chauk June 13, 2009
Abbreviation for 'body odor boy', something you would call a smelly male.
Dude, Bob smells like shit.
by the helpful reminder April 17, 2009
Boy On Bus, or Back Of Bus,

simply a fit lad,

and for boys GOB, Girl On Bus, Fit girl (Y)
Fit boy walks past

Girl to mate: look at that bob mahn!! might get wid him enihhh!!!
by Clowiie February 18, 2009
a d.c . term for blunt
smoke a bob
by waxums January 15, 2009
Chode, Dick, Penis, anything to do with the mae reprductive organ
Last nite my boyfriend told me to sukc his Bob.
by Bigassnigga2009 January 07, 2009
Bend Over Buddie, or a name gay parters call each other
guy1: yo im gunna get twisted tonight
guy2: word? you gunna call your bob?
guy1: oh yes.

gay guy1: hey babey wanna be my bob?
gay guy2: yessir.
by Chelsea247 May 16, 2008
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