A word commonly used to replace an expletive.
What the bob?!?!

Oh, bob!!

How the bob...?

Holy bob!!
by camelkid February 12, 2010
Someone who has awful body odor or disgustingly strong cologne. Used to warn others without offending the smelly person.
*smelly guy with long hair is standing in front of you*
"Hey guys, Bob alert."
by IAmGlenCoco February 05, 2010
BOB is an acronymn for Battery Operated Buddy, a.k.a. a vibrator or dildo.
Why does she need a man when she has BOB and a sack of fresh batteries?
by 47 & Clueless December 16, 2009
Name you call someone who does not do their share in a group project.
"This project is worth half our grade, all I can say is that we better not get a bob in our group."
by winkoftheforestclan November 05, 2009
A white girl who can't get a black man off her mind. Black on the brain.
I've got BOB so bad I can't get anything done.
by Hott for black! August 23, 2009
Bum On Bike or Bum on Bench
I just hit BOB going 50mph in my car! He got up and waved so he was ok.
by princess521 August 01, 2009
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