Acronym for Believes own Bull Shit
Tom is the biggest BOBS out there, it's downright pathological.
by Larry C April 28, 2008
a cigar that you roll weed into optimo, philly blunt, white owl or any other cigars can be cut in half the tobacco replaced with weed and called bob's mainly used in Metropolitan D.C. Maryland Va Bob refers to legendary reggae singer Bob Marley
We rolled like five Bob's but only smoked one.
by sean coates October 03, 2007
Big Olde Boys, woman with large breasts
Have you seen BOB?
Yeah, that was nice!
by Fred Pan August 20, 2007
1. A name of a man

2. To borrow something off someone
1. (Bob is a gay man who likes other men)

2. (i forgot my pen, can i bob yours??)
by A Dictionary Guy May 09, 2007
a name to use in substitution of somebody else's name or a thing
"Who did that"
"Bob did it "
by giggle bubble May 03, 2005
"Belly OverBoard"
Yo, that girl has a serious "BOB"
by ShooshMoosh September 08, 2008
the private part of a certain person.
"wanna see bob?"
"no. gross. go show your mommy."
by silly soup June 17, 2008

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