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stands for Bitches Love Snacking. Often used as an adjective to describe a group of hefty females who enjoy themselves some rice, beans, and pernil. Used as a clan name by a group of females scattered through various parts of Queens and Brooklyn; although the largest part of the group is located in an area called Woodside Queens. These are the sworn enemies of the B.O.S.
example 1=

B.O.S. #1: damn man look at that penguin shes goin in on those sardines

B.O.S. #2: hell yeah shes obviously B.L.S.

example 2=

Chick 1: im so hungry i could eat a horsey, and im really stupid too.

B.O.S.- you should join B.L.S.

Chick 1: what is that?

B.O.S.- dont worry your ugly little head you'll fit rite in you little Danny DeVito lookin mothaf*&cka
by Paul Blart aka Arnie March 03, 2012
0 6
Blown like shit!
"Oh my god, I am on my period, but I do not have a


by kaditi January 09, 2010
496 176
Ball licking and sucking
She perfomerd BLS and sent me through the roof
by unknown December 03, 2003
576 333
Bruce Lee - A Hard Nip with reference to hard nipples.
by anonymous June 19, 2003
4 14
black label society, a band with god guitarist zakk wylde.
"BLS" is the shit yo.
by rich the bitch February 23, 2005
133 284
Nickname for the first school in America, Boston Latin School. Which is okay I guess. Harvard was made so that seniors at BLS could go to college.
Fivesie 1: Hey what school do you go to?
Fivesie 2: I go to BLS!
by ebkf May 01, 2005
85 239
Best Liver Syndrome. As in the legendary footballer George Best. BLS is the point you reach when you're so drunk that your liver says, "Fuck this, I'm packing in!"
After Toad's extremely heavy consumption of Jack Daniel's, Guiness, Party Rings and God knows what else through the infamous beer bong D.A.V.E, he was sick repeteadly and ended up having a three day hangover which resulted in BLS and henceforth Toad's temporary straight-edge status.
by Rasputin the Fourth September 09, 2005
20 181