b h
having people in the company setting you up to make you look like an ass
the, b h in the company rigged me to lose my job
by ricca November 16, 2007
butthole or booty hole
by Blankaka October 17, 2003
BH - BlizzHackers, a web site wich contains the best forums, and is mostly for hacking Blizzard made games.

hey, they D2 dupe is at BH
by Me So Gosu May 15, 2003
this is known as BROS BEFORE HO'S
Guys talking to a girl.....his friend comes up and says bh
by supdog57 April 30, 2007
beyond heinous

utterly disgusting or horrible; worse than awful
Man, that pizza was totally bh!
by PBendJ April 25, 2006
abbreviation for Bong Hits
Dude, lets take some bh's after work
by UnconsciousObserver September 15, 2003
butthead or bunghole.
A bh like Butthead from the Beavis and Butthead cartoon.
by Blankaka October 18, 2003

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