This means Bloody Hell!!!!!
BH man!!! You drove into a house!!
by TheSTRANGEONE August 04, 2009
Internet acronym, short for "Bloody Hell."
Popularised by "Family Guy" and a favourite phrase used by Brits and Aussies, can be used as an exclamation of shock or disgust. Variations include "BFH" for "Bloody Fucking Hell"
Bloke 1: Wow, check out that pic of Megan Fox.
Bloke 2: BH! Gorgeous!

Bloke 1: Last night, I got so smashed I had to run to the bathroom to vomit and I tripped, puked on the way down and passed out in a pool of my own sick.
Bloke 2:EWWW! BFH!!!
by TheKween February 05, 2010
Be Happy.
Don't be sad, bh :)
by AnonymousContributions January 23, 2010
Boner happy. When you get a little hard once every 15 minutes for no good reason.
Man, im suffering some bh. My pants keep popping, and theres no one around me.
by the poster of this word August 28, 2009
A short abbreviation for Banana hammock, commonly known as a speedo. Often seen on male swimmers, and on beaches in Europe.
Ew! that guy is wearing a BH. He should get some board shorts instead.
by Lucy G. Diego May 29, 2008
a cozy, cushy way of trying to get something out of your boyfriend, usually used in conjunction with a 'pointing' action..
gf: "b'h?"
bf: "wassat u want, sweetie?"
by geezus January 31, 2003
A term used to describe a person whos belly is way too big for their shirt and hangs below their shirt. This is an acronym for Belly Hanger. Belly Hangers have low hanging bellys and are a threat to all sweatpants.
Daniel: "WHOAH! That chick right there is a serious BH my friend!"

Dustin: "Hell yeah, her belly is almost touching her knees"
by Nate-O ! April 22, 2010

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